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Maker Corps at PAA Hip Hop Camp!

In our final camp of the summer, myself and fellow Maker Adrienne were invited to share some of our activities with the campers at PAA’s final Hip Hop Camp, which took place at the Idea Center in downtown Cleveland. The students experimented with Makey Makeys, the computer looper MnnTss, stop motion animation, and created their own instruments. They incorporated these experiments into their own hip hop styles and processes, to help prepare them for the final performance. It was a blast to work with these blossoming young artists, and I look forward to hearing about their amazing future accomplishments!

IMG_3786 IMG_3804 IMG_3806 IMG_3791

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What we’re looking at


We’ll be updating this post throughout the summer with links, videos, text, and images that inspire us and inspire our programs!

Music Media Arts

Stop-Motion Animation

Kinetic Art

Transformed Spaces

Fine Art Inspiration



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