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Fairview Park Library: Media Arts Camp

Fairview - Media 2As this edition of Media Arts Camp comes to a close, myself and my fellow maker Adrienne find ourselves astounded with the work students at the Fairview Park Library have created! It is always amazing to see how far the students have come since our first day storyboarding, to see how their films grow and change from the first drawings to the final edited product, complete with website. They are very proud of their work, as are we, and the animations and websites can be viewed here. They are definitely worth checking out! Thank you so much to Fairview Park Library and it’s patrons for a wonderful and successful camp.

IMG_3656 IMG_3663 IMG_3661  IMG_3696IMG_3681

Fairview - Media 2


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Stop Motion Sensations at Fairview Park Library!

Yesterday, campers began filming stop motion videos after a day of brainstorming plot ideas and set building at Fairview Park Library.  At about halfway through filming, students’ projects are looking fantastic!  Can’t wait to see how they do today!!

Fairview Park - MediaFairview - Media 4Fairview - Media 3Fairview - Media 7

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Music Production Camp: Experimenting with Sound at the Bay Village Library

Music - Bay 3IMG_3611Music - Bay 4

Campers at the Bay Village Library got to experiment with sound last week at PAA’s Music Production Camp.  They used the computer program Garage Band to record their own beats which they got to burn onto CDs and take home.  It got louder than usual in the library when students jammed out on instruments they created from recycled materials(please refer to our found sounds posts, previously in Lakewood and Maple Heights).  On the final day of camp, students used everyday objects like chairs and bananas as computer keys when hooked up to some homemade DIY Makey Makeys – an electrical device that can turn any conductive object into an instrument when connected to a computer (please refer to our previous Makey Makey experiments at Maple Heights Library). Groups that finished investigating instrument possibilities early enjoyed looping sounds together with the computer program MmTss.  Thanks to the Bay Village Library and enthusiastic campers for a wonderfully loud week!

Makeys - Bay 4 Makeys - Bay 5 Makeys - Bay Makeys Bay 2 Makeys- Bay 3

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Stop Motion Madness at Herman Park

Today, children at Herman Park got to create short stop motion movies using iStopMotion on iPads. This three hour workshop is a compressed version of our week long Media Arts camps, shortened to just the stop motion portion of the camp. The movies created were entirely experimental, giving the students the learning experience without the pressure of creating a polished, edited film. Some of the stars of their movies included play doh, action figures, and their friends.  They had the choice of drawing a background on paper or using nature as their backdrop.  They were determined to fight the wind and had a blast.  Thank you to Christian and the LAND Studio for arranging the event for us!  If you want to learn how to make a stop motion video this Saturday stop by Fairview Park where PAA will be running another workshop using iStopMotion.  See you there!

IMG_3599 IMG_3600

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PAA at MoCA: Graffiti, Screen Printing, and Self Expression at PAA’s Hip Hop Camp


I was lucky enough to be able to assist PAA member Ainsley Buckner in running the graffiti and screen printing section of the Hip Hop Camp at MoCA, the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland.

On the first day, we showed the students examples of graffiti from all over the United States, explaining the culture of graffiti as well as the artists’ process. Each student picked a tag name and illustrated them using markers and colored pencils, inspired by classic graffiti structures and style. The second day was devoted to exploring the artwork of artist and nun Corita Kent, who’s screen prints are currently on display at MoCA. After viewing and discussing the work, the students chose a letter from their illustrated tag name and designed a multi- layered screen print similar to Ms. Kent’s multiple alphabet series.

The screen printing process was extremely hectic, but very rewarding for the students and instructors alike! It was amazing to see their understanding of Ms. Kent’s work reiterated and transformed within their own screen prints, allowing their own identities to be expressed through their prints and graffiti names.





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Kinetic Sculpture Camp: Open Doors Academy

Last week, students learned about kinetic art by looking at Rube Goldberg inspired chain reaction sculptures and the use of simple machines within them.  Campers created trebuchets that launched paint soaked tennis balls onto paper, pintographs that could be hooked up to turntables, and climactic chain reaction sculptures that combined everything students learned thoughout the week.  Elements such as gravity, kinetic and potential energy, teamwork, and the Scientific Method were combined with the creation of art and art objects. Thank you to all the Open Doors Academy staff and campers for such a creatively productive week as well as an exciting first week of teaching!

trebuchets 2trebuchet paintings 2Pintographchain reaction sculpture - Marcus

IMG_3504 IMG_3502 IMG_3505 IMG_3506

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