University Settlement Green Screen Project

For this week’s design challenge, at the University Settlement, we experimented with altering reality through photography. The challenge: create a three image narrative using a prop from the prop box as the inspiration. We showed the students examples of storyboards and comics to demonstrate how to create movement and narrative in a single image.


Once the students had selected their prop/costume they started to create their stories by drawing colorful backgrounds using texture rubbings and crayons. The students then took pictures of their finished backgrounds with iPads. After saving the three drawn images, they were able to get in front of the green screen to act out their stories. Using an app called Color Screen, we were able to select everything in the digital image that was green. The app then deletes the pixels that are green and inserts the drawn image in their place. With this technology, the students were able to act out their narratives with the backdrop of their crayon drawings.


Some of the stories that were thought up included a super hero who saved a town from a fire, a disco dance party, a wizard Olympics, and two hip hop concerts. The campers had a blast imagining their characters, stories, and backgrounds



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