3D Printed Graffiti Tags

This week Frances and I continued helping with PAA’s Hip Hop Camp, introducing Tinkercad and the Makerbot to the campers. This was the second and final week of Hip Hop Camp and there was a lot of energy to finalize dance routines, raps, and fine tune graffiti projects. The week before, campers worked with local graffiti artist POKE on developing a name and personal lettering style. They learned how to embellish letters and exaggerate form to express identity.



Similar to our 2D to 3D library camps, we wanted to challenge the Hip Hop students with the idea of translating 2D images into 3D objects. We started with a lesson on Tinkercad, using a tool in the program called extrusion. This tool allows the user to move several points on a cylinder to create a unique organic shape. Using their drawn graffiti tag as a reference, the campers are able to translate each letter into the program by manipulating the extrusion tool to mimic each shape. Usually multiple extrusion shapes were needed to create one fluid graffiti style letter. Once their tag was complete the next step was to decide if they wanted to have the tag as a keychain or a necklace. We taught them how to add holes onto their design in order for a chain to go through.


Finally it was our job to use the Makerbot to print every student’s graffiti tag, so that they can each have an individual statement piece to wear. The campers learned how their graffiti designs could not only exist two-dimensionally, but could also be a cool three-dimensional piece of jewelry.

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