Meet Your Makers

Progressive Arts Alliance’s 2016 Maker Corps Members:

Diana Bowman


Hello! My name is Diana Bowman and I am a 2016 summer Maker Corps member through Progressive Arts Alliance in Cleveland, Ohio! I graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2014 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Printmaking with an emphasis in Sculpture. The camp I am helping with is focused on the transformation of 2D to 3D and I am excited to engage Cleveland youth with a creative problem-solving outlet. My future plans include going to graduate school for Art Therapy and pursuing a career as an Art Therapist. I look forward to helping with this program so that I can gain more experience working with children and encouraging their creative growth. You can view my work at and I will also be updating you with blog posts throughout the summer!

Leah Yochman


Hey, I’m Leah, one of the 2016 Maker Corps members for Progressive Arts Alliance in Cleveland, Ohio! I am working with the 2D to 3D camp this summer in several local libraries. I am very excited because I use both 2D and 3D elements in my personal art work. I just graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art with my Bachelors of Fine Arts Photo/Video. I have always loved teaching and helping other people, especially children, so I am very excited to be able to do both this summer with PAA! After this summer, I will be moving to South Korea to teach English and Art to elementary school students. I will pursue my Masters in Video while in South Korea.  You can catch up with me this summer through my blog posts!! You can view my work at! Have a great summer and stay hydrated!


Progressive Arts Alliance’s 2015 Maker Corps Members:

Nathan Manthey


Hello everyone, I am one of the summer 2015 Maker Corps members for Progressive Arts Alliance in good old Cleveland! I am currently studying for my Bachelors in Fine Arts degree at the Cleveland Institute of Art majoring in Sculpture and Expanded Media. I was born and raised a Clevelander and love getting to work within and for the community which has done a ton for me already. I am especially excited about PAA’s interaction with city schools. I hope to go in to Art Education after graduating next year, so my work as a maker educator is ideal. I look forward to seeing and working with interested and creative people (hopefully including you) this summer!

Stephanie Lee


Hello hello!  I’m Stephanie and I’ll be a Maker Corps member for Progressive Arts Alliance during summer 2015.  I graduated from The Cleveland Institute of Art in 2013 with a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Fiber and Materials Studies along with a heavy background in Sculpture and Ceramics.  As a maker, I have spread the boundaries of my work very far within the context of materials ranging from clay to fiber to sensors.

I am so very excited to start the experimenting, brainstorming, and tinkering process with all of the cool supplies and energies, building with our hearts and hands!  One of my ultimate dream goals is to work with a group of creative souls who loves to nerd out on making cool, innovative things as much as I do, and to share all that I can to the community, while learning from it all as well.  You can view my work online at, stay tuned for more about our progress and updates!

Progressive Arts Alliance’s 2014 Maker Corps Members:

Allison Bogard

Hey there! I’m Allison, and I’m working this summer as a Maker Corps mentor at the Progressive Arts Alliance in my home city of Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve just graduated with my Bachelors in Fine Arts degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and after living in Baltimore for four years, I’m excited to be back in Cleveland implementing my arts education. As a painter, I hope to learn and expand my knowledge and grow as an artist within this thriving community. You can view some of my work at, and a full listing of the PAA programs at Be sure to check back to read all about our adventures, and come see us at one of our summer programs if you get the chance!

We’ll be updating this blog throughout the summer, so check back often to learn more about the evolution of our summer programs, and about our personal journeys as makers and maker-educators!

Adrienne Dickerson


Hello!  My name is Adrienne, and I recently joined the Progressive Arts Alliance.  I am so excited to be a part of the Maker Corps!  As an artist, I’m looking forward to a creatively productive summer before returning to teaching middle school art in August.  Before getting my Masters of Arts in Teaching, I received a Bachelors in Arts focusing on art history and photo illustration.  When creating on my own time, I enjoy printmaking, photography, and making jewelry from odds and ends at home.  I am very enthusiastic about the artistic learning opportunities the PAA provides for their makers and all those participating in different workshops.  Hopefully I will get to see you at one!

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