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Preparing Teachers for Arts Integration

photo 2Yesterday at Mound STEM School, we worked with faculty members to assist them in preparing for our arts-integration residencies that will begin at the end of this month.  As part of our professional development offerings, we created a lab for each grade’s faculty to engage in hands-on arts activities.  These activities were designed to enable the teachers to be better prepared as they work side-by-side with our artist-educators.  Among the activities that the teachers participated in were green screen photography, clay and ceramics work, soldering circuits, building sculptures, creating mixed media animals, and stop motion animation.  We’re pleased that the administration at Mound made dedicated professional development time available for our artists and parters teachers to use as an important part of our planning process for this semester’s activities.  To keep up with the latest developments on the planning and implementation of our residency activities, be sure to visit our artist-educators’ blog here.

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