Our school-wide partnerships bring artists to classrooms and an artist’s sensibility to instruction. Through collaboration with teachers and administrators, Progressive Arts Alliance offers intensive arts-integrated residencies and engaging family events.


Progressive Arts Alliance designs and implements multi-session, arts-integrated residencies in schools throughout Greater Cleveland. These intensive, hands-on, project-based learning experiences help students learn in and through the arts while gaining a deeper understanding of non-arts objectives. Projects are customized to suit teachers’ needs related to their curriculum and the art forms they wish to explore.

Progressive Arts Alliance provides all supplies and equipment

needed for our residency projects, including:


fine art

Apple laptops

digital drawing


all other supplies
and equipment

Uniquely designed
for your classroom

Our arts-integrated projects are customized to suit teachers’ needs related to their curriculum and the art forms they wish to explore. We can showcase student work by installing projects throughout the school building, and offer professional development workshops to help teachers infuse their academic lessons with the arts.

Our unique approach enables each partner school to increase its capacity to incorporate the arts into the general curriculum.

Family Engagement

We introduce new ideas and new thinking. We connect art, culture, and technology in ways that make roadblocks to learning disappear. We love bringing this work to our students’ families, too.

Progressive Arts Alliance helps facilitate Family Engagement Workshops at our partner schools. These community-building events give parents, students, and community members opportunities to engage in hands-on learning and share their residency projects.

Art Installations


Many partner schools elect to beautify their buildings with an art installation. Select residency projects can be displayed in a public area for students, parents, and community members to enjoy.

Professional Development


Progressive Arts Alliance offers professional development opportunities for educators in conjunction with residencies and through professional development workshops. Our workshops introduce teachers to arts integration and help them to incorporate the arts into their own work.